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A couple of questions regarding charters.

1. What is the standard tip for a mate?
-what if you get skunked (bad weather or something)
-what if he is busting his butt rigging baits left and right
-other considerations?

2. Is it considered rude to take a personal GPS out on a charter? We normally fish out of MHC but the charter is out of Hatteras. I don't expect we'll ever fish that area much in our boat but I'd like to get an idea of how the captain trolls for tuna. How fast, what patterns, how he follows the breaks and ridges along the bottom, etc... What else could I look for or try to learn from the pros?

3. Anybody ever fished on the Tuna Duck out of Hatteras? A couple buddies down here in MHC have recommended them.

4. I think Wellcraft Dave posted some good questions to ask when you charter a boat a few posts back. I can't remember which post it was. Dave, could you please repost or let me know where I can find them on ncangler?

As always I really appreciate the advice and information from the guys on this board. Really top notch group of fishermen.

Thanks for your help,

RX Money

PS: Not a drug dealer - Dad owns the boat and he's a pharmacist.

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Just my thoughts but I would say $20 or 10% whichever is greater. The guide and mate are not responsible for the weather or sea conditions they still deserve their money provided they are doing everything they can under the circumstances to catch you a fish.

Yes, it is very rude to bring your GPS. I have heard of Capt.s that have disposed of a GPS brought aboard their boat. If you still want to ask if it is ok. Better yet if you explain why you want to bring it the Capt. will probably give you a lesson in speeds etc.

The Tuna Duck is a highly regarded operation from what I have heard.

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4. I think Wellcraft Dave posted some good questions to ask when you charter a boat a few posts back. I can't remember which post it was. Dave, could you please repost or let me know where I can find them on ncangler?
10- 20% of the charter price is the norm. If you value your GPS, leave it at home or ask for permission before you bring it.

I think it was me that posted the list you are thinking about, anyway here's the one I posted a few weeks ago:
  • Are you properly insured and licensed with the Coast Guard and registered with the State?
  • How long has the captain or guide been fishing in this area?
  • Can you supply any references who live in my area?
  • What is the season for the species I want to catch?
  • What is the best time of the season for improving my chances of success?
  • How long are your fishing trips? When do you depart and return?
  • How many fish can I expect to catch and what is their size?
  • What is the limit for the species we will catch?
  • What kind of fishing will we be doing?
  • How do I get a fishing license? Do you sell them?
  • Does your rate include fish cleaning and/or filleting of the catch?
  • How will I get my catch home?
  • Do you provide packaging and freezing or can you direct me to the appropriate services for this?
  • What should I bring with me?
  • What do you supply for the fishing trip?
  • How big is your boat and how many other fishermen will be present?
  • Does your boat have a head? Heated cabin?
  • How much deposit do you require?
  • What is your policy if I decide to cancel?
  • What is your policy if you cancel due to weather?
  • Do you accept credit cards?
  • What is your rate? Do you have discounts for multiple trips or large groups?

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RX, Mike beat me to it..

You can also do a search "Charter" and should see the post where the guy had a bad experience with his charter.. that should help you as well.

ALWAYS ask, if you get shut out by weather, if there's a rescheduled day.

The crew should work hard for you, tip accordingly especially if they do a super job on filleting your fish for you. The crew makes their money by tip's.

Also, as the Capt if it's a "they hook it, you just reel it in" charter or if they'll let you handle the gear. Personally I like to handle/help out instead of just sittin the chair and reelin in. If you just want to reel it in.. then I wouldnt worry about askin them, but either way it's good to know how they'll operate the back of the boat for you.

Good luck and most of all have fun!!! Jokes and good stories go a long way. Look forward to your report! ;)
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