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Check that safety gear

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Hey guy's, wanted to drop a head's up on safety gear. Now huntin season's over for us, we're gearin back up for fishin'!! :)

Anywhooo... goin thru all stored stuff, found that our flares and smoke signals all expired Nov 05... So take a look in them safety kit's to make sure you have up to date and current emergency signals.

Now it's time to figure out this weather!!!! and let's get fishin!! :)
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Thanks Dave--- My flares are sealed up in a waterproof container on my boat and checking expiration date had not entered mind. Definitely will check.

One of my daughters did give me one of the thin CO2 life jackets to wear in my yak which I am going to find more comfortable. Still not planning any 40 mile trips out in the yak. lol
Nothin but a thing

Forrest, throw yer kyak in size 9 and we'll take ya to the stream;)

Yeah, same here, Safety kits and flare stuff is in that orange type sealed container, I decided to check them and glad I did. I coulda swore I had till 2006, but I found all my stuff expired Nov 05.

Coast Guard may or may not give a warning on that stuff as it's considered "mandatory" for certain size vessels and considered required equipment. Local lake/Wildlife guys might issue a warning on somethin like that, but it's not worth a chance to take for anyone puttin it off...

Do the easy thing y'all, just take a look at your kit's. And now's the time to hit Wally world for Flares (arial) and hand held flares. I got my flares this weekend local Wally World at the red tag price... mine are good till Oct 08... but pay attention, they had some packs in there that were already expired!!!! might have to look thru them and the dates are clearly marked on the packaging. I told the clerk he might want to remove those expired ones... but I got the attitude ya know.... So that might be somethin to pay attention too.

What I did to show that I inspected my kit's is put the date of expiration, date I inspected my kit's with a sharpie marker right on the outside of the canisters. That way if I get "courtesy" check'd, the USCG or local law guys will see that I did take the time to at least inspect my stuff prior to headin out.

Just some tips....
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Very appropriate tip. This time of year you don't have much time for rescue if you end up in the drink. There are also a whole lot less people on the water so rescue times will probably be longer. One other thing to put on your check list is to check the charge on your cell phone. Cell phones can actually be better than a vhf if you live in the area and know most of the old timers there. Nothing like being able to call some one who lives just across the channel vs Sea Tow or the Coast Guard who may be 20 miles away.
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