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Cherokee Cast Into Spring Event

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Looking for any details or tips for this event. It's a tagged trout event in the Cherokee Tribal waters. Basically if you catch a tagged fish you can redeem it for cash (up to $500 per fish).

Was looking for any tips and more details if any one has fished it in the past. It starts tomorrow and runs all weekend. You have to buy a tribal permit on top of the tournament entry fee.

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Fishing in Cherokee is interesting to begin with, not even considering the crowds of folks out for this event. I think you are correct you have to buy a permit on top of the entry fee. Also, you are required to keep all the trout you catch (until the limit is reached, then you cant fish anymore) you can get fined for releasing a trout back to the river. I've never fished the Tournament, but have heard that it's a Zoo, to say the least that day... $500 for catching a trout would be a sweet deal nun the less...
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