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Cherokee Trout Derby

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Went to Cherokee this past weekend for the annual kids trout tournament. My son has fished it for four years now and has alot of fun. If you have kids under 12 and don't mind crowds it is worth the trip. The kids get a free rod/reel combo plus t-shirt and hat for participating and best of all it is free!
They stock the river a couple of times during the event so all the kids have a chance to catch fish. My son caught four rainbows.
This event is held each year on the first Saturday in August.
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Nice - what a great program to get kids fishing at an early age. Thanks for the info.
Good post. The kids are the future.

That is why my parents had nightmares during my teens!

I'll let you guys in on a not so secret, secret.

Sometime in the month of November the SC DNR will release tens of thousands of 8 to 14 inch trout (the keeper limit is 15" and over) in LakeJocassee. These fish are usually released at the northern boat ramp and are sometimes so thick, you can walk over to the other side of the cove on the trout backs without getting wet.

I have personally caught over 50 fish in one day during the months of Nov to Dec over the past several years. My friends and I make it an annual pilgrimage to walk the banks and cast flies for a few days to educate the trout and, more importantly, to get therapy for the many days the fish have spanked our collective posteriors earlier in the year.

If you missed the Trout Derby, don't despair, there is an alternative and it can be unbelievable. I took my daughter one year and she caught trout left and right on a Scooby-Doo fishing rod.

This is also one of the greatest times and places to take a kid fishing for the first time and there is no doubt they will catch fish.

This scenario only works if the lake is very low (walking the bank is practical) or you have a boat.

If you need more info, email me.


[email protected]

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