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chunk da

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water was 67 and clear. i caught 20 bass on a frog 7 more on a shakey head finesse worm. and had a nice blue cat -about 20 pounds- that broke me off at the boat..

you know with fish like these that 2 am alarm aint none to bad..

you all know where i will be tomarrow..badin ya think??

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Probably getting ready for bed now after polishing off a few brats and brews. Supposed to be a few degreees warmer in the am but still cool enough for a jacket. Judging from the pics I hope you got more frogs!
i buy them by case lots-240 frogs- a case of water melon seed and a case of green pumkin..

Wow. Where are you buying case lots of plastics?
thats between me and the tackle monkey but i have to oder them that way..

I think he may be on to something Backlash. I know them are probably Eagle Claw hooks but the red didn't get that far gone on two fish. I'LL also be willing to wager that them are some very soft frogs. Maybe even a little juicy. AL
Sounds like it. They didn't loose their red on two fish but I haven't found a red hook yet that stays red long.
it's a 4/0 ewg gammy and i have caught 75 fish on that hook in the last month.. aint lost it yet..

How were you workin that worm? I'd love to grab some hogs like that...

I need to get up earlier to see if I can pull in something like that on this silly lake...
the worm i chunk it out on points and drag it slowly back in..drag about a foot pause drag about a foot pause..

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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