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"Clearly" drum don't care

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About color that is.
Fishing is slow but one still fell for a brandy new (to me) clear Spook Jr.
I've always wanted to try a clear plug so I got one,. Changed the hooks and put it to use during the second hour of incoming Creek tide.
The package said, "salt water hooks" but they looked like #4 nominal strength. Plant Organism Wood Fish Scaled reptile

Galaxy S4. Slimkat 4.4.2 official.
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Never used a clear lure before, but I'm sure the splash and rattle drives him crazy. It's always interesting to try something different, it's even better when it works.
Always the GOTO lure for schooling bass. Seems more and more that Bass Fishing and Reds Fishing are related.
Clear works on Ladyfish, too. ...... ICM
Don't try the clear on false albies or Spanish. Does not work. Not ever!:D
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Never? Never ever?

Galaxy S4. Slimkat 4.4.2 official.
I like clear baits for tough bite smallies. My theory is it doesn't have a strong silhouette, so it's good when fish are targeting smaller baitfish.
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