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I had been interested in trying the Columbia Omni Freeze shirts since they came out. However, they priced me out of consideration at well over $100. A couple weeks ago I was on Columbia's website and ran across a couple shirts with the Omni Freeze on sale. The shirt I bought was 1/2 price at $65. Still a bit on the pricey side but close enough that I pulled the trigger.

I got to wear it twice over the Labor Day weekend and it was 90+ degrees on both days. The shirts have a addition to the fabric that makes it wick super fast. You can see the liquid from sweating spread out over a large area. When this evaporates it cools the shirt and you. On my first trip to the park with my son there was not much wind so I didn't see a huge improvement other than my skin stayed dryer than a regular shirt. When I went fishing it was a different story. The day was hot but there was a decent breeze. I can say that when I was in the breeze I felt quite comfortable. However, out of the wind it was still hot.

Regardless of the effectiveness of the Omni Freeze it is a well constructed shirt and I have no complaints. I think the Omni Freeze is an improvement over a standard nylon fishing shirt. However, I would still not pay $130 for one of these but at $65 I am very happy with my purchase.

Here is a link to the shirt
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