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This is an IMO post....

From Concord, you are halfway between the catawba river chain of lakes (Lake Norman and Mountain Island are closest to you). They are east of you, on the other side of I-77. Lake Norman is prone to jet skiers and wakeboard boats, and it's a huge lake. Good kayak put in spots on the east side of the lake include Stumpy Creek and Lake Norman state park (north of you).

Mountain Island is more riverine, it's got some nice shallow spots. A bit more kayak friendly. I've never put in there.

West of you, though, you have the Yadkin chain. High Rock, Tuckertown, and Badin are within 45 minutes of Concord. I'd consider putting in on Tuckertown, just below the High Rock Dam (Nice put in 1/4 mile south of dam), and fish the creeks nearby.

Shallow and swampy... Not much around there. Most lakes in this part of the state are man-made, and when they do it, they go deep.

I THINK the lake near the Kannapolis Baseball stadium has a public launch.... Never been there, but I'm pretty sure I remember seeing small boats on it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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