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Wednesday was a teacher's workday, and we hoped to go east for some saltwater action.... for various reasons that did not work out, so we went to Crabtree hoping for a carp. We were using pack bait (42 oz old fashioned oats, 1 can creamed corn, vanilla extract, some water) with 1oz egg sinker and circle hooks on a very short fluoro leader. Thank you Mack for your informative blog and youtube videos. We caught a lot of catfish, but no carp. If you have a kid that wants to catch fish, or is new to fishing, Crabtree Lake is not a bad option in the triangle. A couple of times, we had multiple fish on on different rods. All fish were released. Crabtree Lake is contaminated, so do not consider consuming the fish. We also saw the bald eagle and a lot of cormorants and ducks.

We had several this size, but I think this is the biggest of the day.
Water Vertebrate Sky Fisherman Fish

9 year old teaching dad how to distinguish between a channel and bullhead.
Fin Fish Fishing Fisherman Recreation

another double!
Sky Tree Plant Fisherman Fish

Tight lines.
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