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Crackers, gills and slabs OH MY!

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Hooked up with ozarks_transplant today to get into some panfish action on a pond that will be drained this fall. Got on the water about 2pm and fished till 5pm.

30ish fish total with about 4 gills 3 crackers and 3 crappie. More fish caught on 2 inch curly tails than on crickets or worms.

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30 total? What else did ya catch? Or am I that terrible at mathematics?

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those he mentioned were the keepers. the rest of the 30 were little'uns. good results especially considering we were fishing in the hottest three-hour stretch of a day that was 95ish.

i enjoy the process of figuring out how a pond "feels" on any given day. we'd hit these pockets where the right lure matched up with the right depth and have success, then we'd try and find the next depth/bait combo. like a fishy puzzle. good times.
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Nice job, guys! Sounds like a fun day and a great catch :D
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