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When I get to go fishing, which is 4 days a week, I make the most of going after big fish. Jordan Lake has been on fire all year long for big fish. With bass stayin moderately deep, I like bustin out the crankbaits. Covering more water is the key to success when kayak fishing. Also helps when conditions are windy, like this past evening. I drifted and paddled a submerged road bed while throwing crankbaits and jigs. I didn't have any luck until the chartreuse KVD flat bill came out.

Caught two 2 pounders within minutes, working an area 3-6 ft of water. Made a long cast after repositioning my yak to drift with the wind at my back. I had just started my retrieve and felt a bite like a ton of bricks were behind it. Had an intense, line stripping battle!!

I was amazed to see how fat this fish was. This fat girl weighed in at 5.5 pounds, another great day on the water.


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