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Crappie fishing in or around Burlington

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In the next couple weeks I would like to take the kids crappie fishing. I live in Burlington and was wondering where to take them. I only Bass fish so I am not up on where the better crappie fishing is. I was considering Randleman, Macintosh, Graham/Mebane or Cammack. Any help would be appreciated.
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Brady IMO for bigger(trophy) sized crappie Graham-Mebane is the local place to go. Ive caught more crappie over that magic 1 lb. mark there than anywhere. BUT for every decent one you catch a ton of stunted ones. For numbers Mack or Cammack are about even. Ive only crappie fished at RRR a couple of times and we couldn't keep the bass off the hook long enough to hurt the crappie population any. But Im wanting to try RRR again for some specks real soon. Love me some crappie fishing!
Macintosh has lots of crappie. Right now is a good time to take them because they will still be up shallow.

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