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Crossing the Shoals in a skiff

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So I've always wanted to go to the east side to bottom fish. I have a 23 JB Bateau and wanted to know if this is a feasible thought. I have been boating for a long time and feel very comfortable on the water. I understand the importance of picking the right days and all that good stuff. I know I could cross at the slot, which I have coordinates for. I have also heard grumblings of a slough just off the point. Any insight from other small/skiff boaters on crossing the shoals would be appreciated.
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I do it a lot on my 19 foot Intruder. I don't worry about a slough or a slot or any GPS numbers though, there's no reason to. Just pick a spot that doesn't have breakers and cross. Good luck
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Thanks Trigger. Do you cross before or after Shark Island?
That's the way I do bald head trying to get to the reefs off oak island. No coordinates necessary or you may loop the tower.
I cross between Cape Point and Shark Island usually but have also crossed on the other side of Shark Island when chasing schools of albacore
I cross the shoals regularly but only with the greatest respect for the weather and tide. Watch how the waves break and you'll notice some places where they never seem to crest. Those are deeper than the surroundings. There is enough water in spots from Shark Island back to Cape Point, but you need to patient and observant. Also, just because you got across doesn't mean that track is safe for the return trip. That's where wind and tide figure in the equation. There is no "best wind", but I'd have to say that N or NW at less than 10 is easiest and it has to be that way for several hours to allow the sea to lay down.
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Trust me the Ocean does not play...I have had to learn the hard way careful...timing...current....Wind...and Tide.
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