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Current Adventure Charters-Offshore Report

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July 5, 2006

Sorry for the delay in reports, but I have been fishing very hard and the fish have been cooperating. I have mainly been concentrating on fishing offshore the last couple of weeks and the fishing has been fantastic, with the last few days being especially good.

I had Steve C. from Connecticut join me for an offshore trip on Wednesday. The bite started out a little slow, but around noon, we hit the fish and had non-stop action till around 3:00 when we had to pack it in and head for shore.

The fish are biting really well in the thirty mile range around live bottom and ledges. Trolling ballyhoo is working really well, but natural squid pulled behind daisy chains and spreader bars are too much for the Dolphin to resist.

Steve had a great day and landed 7 Dolphin and 3 King Mackerel and a false Albacore by days end. Several fish were missed due to short strikes and a few threw the hook before we could get them in the boat.

It was a great day on the water and Steve, it was a pleasure to have you aboard. I look forward to fishing with you again.

Saturday, July 1, I fished with Rob, John and Kirk for an offshore trip targeting Dolphin. It was a great trip with good friends and we brought home a fish box full.

Once again, the fish seemed to holding in the 28-35 mile range. This is where the water clarity has been best and seem to be holding the most fish.

On this trip, I can't remember when I have seen so many King Mackerel sky on baits, but we were pulling a small spreader bar and a daisy chain with a natural squid in the spread, and they couldn't leave it alone. We must have had a least a half dozen Kings come out of the water after this bait. When the Kings weren't chomping, the Dolphin were hitting it just as well.

We ended up the day with 5 Dolphin, 4 Kings and a False Albacore or two.

The fishing is great, get out and catch a few fish!!!

Capt. Brent
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great report thanx!

Any word on anything out past the 15 fathom area? We're gonna try to sneak out there and drag some lures here weekend after next. Heard there was a good size weed patch over the the SE of the 23 rock, but as with everything that can change.

Any weed patches south of WB to the tower?

I have not heard much on the waters out past 15 fathoms. I found scattered weed lines in the 27-30 mile range, but nothing to get real excited about. However, we did manage to get a few nice kings working a little rip with weed in it on Sat.

I would venture to say if you fish from 15 fathoms on out, you shouldn't have any trouble finding fish is you work some live bottom areas. I would definitely give the area S of WR4 a try. I got into a few good fish down that way Sat but then worked my way N. I did pretty good, but I heard a few guys that did real well S.

Good luck and catch 'em up!!!
Thanx Capt Brent.

Yeah, we're planning to head between the steeples and the 15 Fath area more towards the south, usually good bottom for us usually around SE of WR4 just N of the 15, but want to get on the stream edge this next trip. My boss man retired last week and is moving to the mid west.. so he's probably not gonna be offshore fishing for a long while. We were thinking big mahi/wahoo or even a sail for his retirement gift from us at work, if anything get his butt offshore one last time. :)

Hey, again thanx for the heads up and time to post, appreciate it!
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