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April 24, 2006
I had the opportunity to make a Gulf Stream trip with my friends Chip, Bud and Martin this past Thursday. The seas were calm and you couldn't have asked for a prettier day to make the 60 mile run to the stream.

It wasn't long after we got lines in the water before we were hooked up with our first fish of the day. Chip grabbed the rod and commenced to do battle with a 50+ pound yellow fin tuna. Unfortunately, we had a tackle failure with the fish right up beside the boat and it was gone.

We quickly got the lines back in the water and soon I saw a Tuna come and hit a bait on the port short rigger. He missed the bait but immediately the rod on the long starboard rigger went off and we were hooked up again. Once again, Chip grabbed the rod and soon we had our Tuna in the boat.

Next I hooked up with nice Wahoo. It didn't take long before I had the Wahoo in the boat.

Things slowed down after that until mid afternoon when we got a triple hooked of dolphin and put all three in the boat. We ended up the day with 1 Tuna, 1 Wahoo, 3 Dolphin, 1 King Mackerel and 1 Barracuda.

Sunday morning I took the Seapro out early looking for some Atlantic Bonita on one of our near shore wrecks. I was the first boat out and soon I saw the fish come up and bust some bait. I managed to catch one out of 3 hookups before the armada showed up and the fish sounded for the morning.

Inshore, water temps were up to 65.5 degrees. The Spanish Mackerel should make an appearance in good numbers any day now. Bluefish, Gray Trout and Redfish are still biting as well.

Looks like it's going to be a great summer for fishing. Give me a call and let's go catch some fish!!!!

Capt. Brent
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