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damage report !

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Hampstead, sound off! Your place survive Ophelia ok? Let us know as soon as you can. AL
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Man this is a slow moving storm! It has been blowing and raining on us since before dawn. The west eyewall is on top of us now so we are only halfway or so through this thing through this thing :confused:.

The good news is so far just a lot of limbs and branches down, water is steady but being absorbed. The wind has pushed the water about 5 extra feet in the tidal creek behind my house, but that isn't bad as we are built on a slope.

Amazingly we still have power. We have lost it three times for just a brief minute or less.

I'll give you a full report later. Looks Like we are sending this up to visit Forrest - so get out your rain gear buddy.
I'm at my residence in Guilford County right now. Just talked to neighbors in Atlantic, power is already off. Just hope we can dodge another bullet. I had mechanical problems with boat Labor Day weekend so it is out of the water. I will use this for excuse for not posting a fishing report. I had to wear boat mechanic hat all weekend.

Two years ago, eye of Isabele made a direct hit on us, didn't suffer any major damage then, hope our luck holds out. If we get a high storm surge, it will probaby effect fall fishing in the backwaters. The floods will fill the backwaters with marsh grass and mess up some of the trout holes big time. Just hope it doesn't wash my house into water. There are many homes down east that haven't completed repairs from Isabele yet.
From what I saw on the weather channel the fishing out to be improved next year as this makes 2 yrs. running that the storms have killed the fall fishing opportunities. I imagine the trout will move out into the ocean big time after this mess but I am no good at figuring them out. Forrest I believe this one shouldn't do any major damage to your house but it sure won't look all neat and pretty when after she blows thru. Sounds like a trip drum fishing after the clean-up would be the best bet . Everything else is probably going to be haywire for a week or so.:( GOOD LUCK WITH OPHELIA!
Well Ophelia finally left us last night, her departure was long overdue!

We made out okay. Lots of trees down, had one in my yard and it was partially across the driveway but it missed the boat and the house. I made quick work of it this morning with my chain saw. Lost power about 5:30 last night, was surprised it stayed on as long as it did as many lost it first thing in the morning. We didn't get it back until about 9 am this morning so our generator got a good work out.

I'm planning on testing the waters this weekend - so I'll let you know how the inlets and channels held up. I'm sure the fishing will be slack but it will be good to get out and about.

I would imagine the puppy drum and bluefish will be the most likely to oblige inshore. Have you got any idea what the mullet situation will be like for the next few days? I'm glad to hear that you made it without any major losses. That has got to be the slowest and worst cat 1 hurricane on record. If she hugs the coast all the way up she will probably break the record for cat 1 damages.It seems like she is bent on staying just against the coast and eroding the beaches. Probably filled in some newly dredged inlets along with all the old trout holes. I can imagine all the trash that will be floating the water. :(
I got to Atlantic around 6pm today. We took a beating this time from wind damage. I haven't found all the damage yet. Front porch screen is ripped out. Trees and limbs down about 1/4 of shingles off on north side of roof. Attic vent is gone. Some ceiling water damage. I have home owners, wind and hail, and flood insurance. I hope they pay me as timely as I have paid them. Some of neighbors fared much worse than we did. I couldn't even see the banks today, only water, it usally takes several days for water level to drop to normal after storms or I may be on ocean front now. The banks had no dunes left for protection after Isabele two years ago.

PS--- Will report on pump house damage when ever I find it. Also my fish cleaning station is blown over, I sure hope the seagulls don't take issue about this. :D
Sorry to hear about your damage. I hope they do pay you quick and all the repairs are top notch.

As for the gulls, they'll be happy to see you I'm sure.
It sounds like the fish are going to get a huge break this year as everyone is going to be to busy doing repairs to fish. Even the good life is fraught with perils. The bad part is that there is so much to be done that delays seem unbearable but are a fact of life. I sure hope you can get every thing rolling in the right direction right away. Hopefully the islands will emerge and rebuild themselves before another storm. Beach front is not all that it's cracked up to be.:( Maybe the seagulls will find some easy pickings among the flotsom and jetsom and leave you alone for a few days. Good luck with the repairs, insurance and what not. We will be pulling for you. AL
I hope Gator man got his trailer moved inland. I haven't heard anything from him in a couple of weeks.
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