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Went to my home lake Saturday morning and found a dead osprey lying on the dock. From the blood spatter, the bird had sat on a limb above the dock bleeding for some period of time and then fell from the tree to the dock. I have the bird on ice in a cooler. I left a message on the local wildlife officer's phone and have since sent him and the local wildlife biologist an e-mail and left a the biologist a voicemail too. I guess nobody's working this weekend
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I talked to two sets of boaters; one set had seen the bird dead on the dock. They'd not heard any gunfire and didn't have visible guns in their boats. One was a local homeowner who appeared to be as upset as I am so my assumption is they weren't involved. I couldn't find an obvious bullet wound and the blood appeared to be coming from the bird's mouth. Can't help but wonder if it swallowed a lure?

Did some work on the property and then took a break to fish a little. Already had a watermelon red Havoc Craw on my Lew's medium spinning rig so grabbed it and cast it off the right front of the doc in 8 to 10 feet of water and let it sink. Almost immediately felt a pretty good pull, set the hook and after a couple of minutes worked this 18 inch bullhead to the dock.
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After a few more casts, I sacrificed that lure to an underwater snag and went back to work.

Next break, I tied on a Yum Craw on an 1/8 oz. jig and, on the second or third cast to the same general area, picked up about a 15 inch bullhead.
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At least they weren't SpeedCraws...
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