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WEDNESDAY 12-28-05: Today, Capt. Chris and I along with our friend Jason Brown from Asheboro/Holden Beach were on a mission to find the elusive winter King Mackeral that stay on the move off our coast this time of year. After a study of a water temp. chart, we determined we had about three areas to shoot for to find water in the 66-68* range. This is a relatively good temp break for winter fishing kings. Warmer, of coarse can be better, but one main factor is the presence of bait, which is not always necessary, but better, warmer water, no bait is not as good as cooler water with bait ,and vice-versa. No wonder I'm about 1/2 crazy, I'm not real sure myself what I just said, but this is what you have to factor in to find these winter fish!!!

We stopped at the Frying Pan Tower, this is where they were last week. Water there was too cold. We moved off to the east. The temp there was 66*, good enough to hold kings but the scope looked like the dead sea. OK, like I said before, sometimes the temp break will hold the fish.

We dropped in some baits to give it a try for a little. And things happened just as I was expecting, nothing!! Now a friend of ours left the dock this morning as we did at 5:00AM, and was going to the SW of the Tower. We had not heard anything from him so we figured he was having the same success we were having.

We now were torn between two places, We could go to the other side and help Capt. Derek find some fish, or head North where the temp chart had shown some 69* water. Knowing the warmer water "should" be better, we elected to head North. We had been riding about 45 minutes when I barely heard Capt. Derek on the radio giving us a call. I could not get back to him so I checked the GPS and from where we were to where he was going was 41 miles. I told Capt. Chris and Jason he has probably found some fish, but we are now committed to our origional plan of attack!!

As we headed to the North, I noticed as I moved to the
North West the water was colder, so I kept moving to the NE. Here we had a "mod relief" on the chart to the NE. As I arrived at the numbers, I pulled the throttles back on the "YEAH RIGHT" and looked it over, not bad, I told Capt. Chris and Jason. Let's give this a try.

In went the first bait, "FISH ON" was the almost immediate responce. "YEAH BABY" replied Capt. Chris. This is a good way to start the next years quota on the "FEDERAL KING PERMIT". The action was hot and fast, I set the "YEAH RIGHT" in a circle mode, and it was on!!!

We caught a couple of boxes of kings and then, not to be greedy, anchored up on some bottom fish for the table. We picked up enough Grey Snapper, B-Liners, Black Bass, Pinky's, and Amorings for tonights dinner for our two familys and then we pulled anchor and headed back.

Now, upon arrival at the "FISH HOUSE" where we sell the King Mackeral, yeah, they sell King Mackeral to the fish markets up north. They have it on a lot of restaurant menus up there, just as down here we get salmon, go figure! Guess it falls back to the old saying, "you don't want something untill you can't get it"!! But, as I was saying, we found out at the fish house that we had made a decent call, not great, but decent. That's part of this job called fishing. Yeah, I thought it was dream job too until I got into it full time. I have a whole new respect for the fishing industry, it's a tough way to make a living. You are at the mercy of the ocean and the weather, and neither one has a concience or picks favorites, and can get real angry real fast!!!

In closing, the kings are still out there, the bottom fishing is good, the weather patterns are making it tough to get a day you can get out there though. But, once in a while we get a break. Just keep check on the offshore weather forecast, watch the local weather for stabilizing weather patterns and grab every opportunity and GO GET'EM!!!

It is time for the striped bass to be in the river, unless they too are running late this year as everything else has done!!! As before, "it's called fishing, not catching" We will be after them this weekend, will let you know if we find them or not. Just keep check here, we will let you know how the fishing is, you may not want to hear the truth, but that is what we report, no matter how bad it hurts!!! You can see the pic's on my site!!Y'all come see us!! Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt. Butch Foster, Capt. Chris Foster, and "Private Bodie" the fish dog says HI!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS, Southport, NC (910)845-2004.
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