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Deep river access near Moncure and portaging the Lockville dam

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I've been scheming on a Deep river float trip between 15-501 and us-1 and was wondering if anyone's done that recently? Any public access below the dam that I could get a tandem canoe through? I'd heard the lockville dam is/was portageable, but conditions change, and I'd rather not float a few hours and get stuck miles downstream from the launch.

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I would not advise doing that float. The portage is not for the faint of heart. The juice isn't worth the squeeze fishing-wise. Above lockville isn't that good IMO, like most millponds.

At lower flows (best fishing conditions), there isn't enough flow to navigate the rocks below lockville dam. You're looking at 300 yards of ankle breaking steps, carrying or dragging a boat.

Don't get me wrong, the area is secluded and beautiful.

Paddling back up from 501 isn't too bad under 150 cfs.

Fishing at US1 can be good under the right conditions.

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Thanks for the heads up - I'd been eyeing a spot a few miles upstream from 1, but it doesn't sound worth the trouble. Went somewhere else with a less treacherous portage instead.

I had a good day earlier in the year paddling upriver from 501, although that put-in involved a chainsaw where they stacked a logjam on the bank ...
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Locals have sawed and chopped up the logs pretty good, no issues a few weeks ago.

I didn't realize the wood (firewood) and mulch pile was fair game until recently. Self load and haul, take what you want.

I've seen the heavy equipment parked there and at other deep river bridges plucking and grinding up the logjams that collect at the bridges. I guess it's hired through DOT for bridge safety. For whatever reason, the deep seems to be one of the worst for logjams.

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