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Since im new here I figured I would post a simple how to for you guys out there who are fishing with 10' and under yaks. I have an emotion spitfire 9 and recently bought my girlfriend a 8 footer of the same make and noticed when the wind was picking up that her yak didn't track as good as it usually does so I searched some other yak fishing forums and found a little fix to our problem. By installing a skeg on the rear of our yaks I noticed a great improvement in the speed and tracking of our kayaks and I thought i would share this trick for anyone witha shorter kayak.

Altogether I spent close to 50$ on the skeg setup and I purchased most of these parts from Lowes

4- 1/2 inch PVC male fittings
2- 1/2 inch PVC female fittings
1- 1/2 inch T PVC fitting
6- 90 degree PVC fittings
1- emergency paddle (orange atwell found at walmart)
2- 1/2 galvanized floor fittings
1- retaining pin
marine goop/dap for securing and waterproofing all screws used to attach skeg/rudder

depending on the depth of your kayak this trick may or may not work, the floor fittings which hold the pvc are fairly wide so they may or may not work for your yak, please check this before digging into this build!
the floor fittings are drilled into the rear of the boat to hold the rudder/skeg to your kayak.

1. mount the floor fittings to the each side of your kayak, the fitting hole holds the male fitting but does not require routing or drilling
2. attach the a male fitting to the galvanized floor fitting and secure with pvc glue
3. attach one 90 degree fitting to male fitting and continue to add a second fitting to the original fitting, and repeat for the other side of the yak
4. attach the final 90 degree fitting to the other two fittings and repeat for the other side
5. attach female fittings to each side where the 90 degree fitting is placed ( this allows you to move the handle up or down for whenever you need or do not need to use the skeg)
6. attach the last two male fittings into the female fittings
7. finally connect the male fittings to the T fitting, this should be dead center on your yak and this is the mounting point for the actual skeg
8. The emergency paddle you purchased at walmart will extend, find a solid point of entry into the bottom of the T fitting and use a hacksaw to cut the aluminum shaft on the paddle, the paddle will sit perfecting inside the T fitting.
9. Drill a hole for the retaining pin so that the skeg will stay in one position, this step allows you to remove the skeg when it is not in use.
10. the last step requires a piece of 1/2 pvc which will act as a handle, this piece will go into the top of the T fitting, I used an end cap so the handle would look more natural on the kayak.

I will post pictures of this setup as I know this would not be helpful without them, I am still painting my PVC to match my kayak, make sure to use krylon fusion in a color of your choosing to ensure it sticks to the PVC.

I hope this how to will be of some use for you guys who may be on a budget and are looking to improve the performance of your shorter kayaks.

If you guys have any questions I will be more than happy to help you.
Good luck and tight lines!
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