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DIY Scupper Plugs Eagle Talon

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For some reason the Eagle Talon has holes right under the seat. The first time I took it out, my rear was soaked. I have two Field & Stream Eagle Talon's I recently bought off of Craigslist. The Talon has 6 scupper holes, so I made 12 plugs. These are easy, and inexpensive. They could be made to fit most kayaks as the chair feet are tapered and come in a few different sizes. I picked up the materials from Lowe's and it took me maybe 15-20 minutes to do these.

1 1/8- 1 1/4 Rubber Chair Tips ($2.97 4 pack)
1/4" x 1" Stainless Fender Washer ( $1.97 for six)
5/32 550 Paracord cut into 16" pieces ($8 for 50')

I used a 13/64 drill bit for the hole and used the flat end of a skewer to push the loop thru. The paracord fights in tight. These work great. Came out to less than $21 for 12 plugs and I have plenty of paracord left to spare.

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I love good DIY..!!
Wow great idea. My Perception Kick has got scupper holes in the seat too so I may have to do something similar. I saw that another member on the forum had plugged his with small nerf balls. Thanks for the post.
Pool noodles work great also
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Thanks. Im doing this asap. Ive been using cut pool noodles and they work but i lose one every once in a while
I went to walmart and in the toy isle they have these foam balls for shooting out of a toy gun that are about 2". I think I paid like 4 bucks for 6. Roll them a bit and push them in from the top and they expand and no water gets by them. I even got glow in the dark ones in case I had to mess with them in the dark.
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