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I know Sundrop had a thread about do-it-yourself projects, but I can't remember where it was. Anyway, I've been working on my project boat and wanted to put some rod holders on, but was running low on investment funds. I thought about it for a week or so and came up with this idea. Some of yall may have already done this, but he it goes.

I bought some 1.5" PVC pipe, T-fittings and "curve" fittings as well as a box of bolts and nuts. I think the pictures are fairly self explanitory. I got enough material for $30.00 to make 8 holders. I didn't use in joint compound on any of it. The front holders are about to swivel out to the side using the "curve" fitting locked into place with a few nails. The "curve" fittings can be removed and replaced with straight pipeing if desired.

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good job, that looks like it will work good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,chris
Muddy, great idea
Looks good! I just saw this type setup made from 6" diameter PCV mounted on pvc rails too.... I have been using 2" pvc just screwed into the rail sides slanted back with electical pvc brackets, but I want something that swings the rods out from the boat.


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Looks great and you should get a lot of mileage from that boat

drop.....good idea with the pole holders cut like that, might have to look around and make me some. I know i have about 25 foot of 4",

Use to have the clamp on pole holders, took the clamps off and screwed the pole holders like you have. Use to have it mounted on a 2"6 and it fit like a glove on the front deck. Turn the outside ones out, next 2 at a bias and the middle straight. Put in bream busters and seine a path about 25; across the pond for bream or crappie. Great setup.

tight lines <*)))))>{
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