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Fished with Mungo & Harold today.
No wind, clear water, hungry Reds.
We had them all to ourselves today & they were chewing.
We had a few double hook ups & three triples.
All on 3 different topwaters, in 2 feet of water.
Very exciting morning of explosive blows, with hooked upper slot Reds running in all directions.
Chinese fire drill time with rods weaving over, under, around & thru.
Stopped counting at 20. All CPR.
Sight casting at it's best.
Love October! ......... ICM

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Had a great half day with Harold.
After his first 6 Lizardfish it was time to get serious.
Hit the first spot that has always been a Trout "all you can catch spot".
But not today, skunked except for more of Harold's friendly Lizardfish.
Taking his total upto 8.

Made the move to a few miles north.
And proceed to wear the Trout out.
In less than an hour we had 2 limits of fat hungry 18" Trout.
We kept only 2 Trout both fat 20".
Left them biting & when looking for Mr. Gator. Never found him.

In addition to the Trout we caught, short Flounder, a 16" Grey Trout, few small Blues & more of Harold's buddies. .... Lizardfish.
Making his total to 12. ...... ICM

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