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It is imperative that the younger generation be coached in dealing with employment situations in order to pursue a much more important goal. Namely, how to maximize fishing opportunities. For that reason I feel compelled to share my techniques so that the Red X Anglers may continue to host highly attended club events. I like to lead by example so consider the following:

Dr. H, in 'real' life, is a Department Head for a local municipality. While I am average at just about everything (including fishing), I am very well known in my industry particularly for creative outside the box program implementation. In a budget meeting with the Big Kahuna a few months back I explained that I had increased my travel and training budget line to accommodate sending 2 new subordinate supervisors to a conference so that they can network with peers across the State and meet vendors etc. He agreed that was a good idea. I then stated that of course I attend both of those conferences as well. He did NOT agree that I needed to go with my subordinate supervisors. The inexperienced may choose at this point to argue his case with the Big Kahuna as both conferences I choose to attend are, quite coincidentally, at the beach.

What I did was state that it was okay and more important to send my supervisors than attend myself and to leave the budget number where it previously was. The first conference is August 18 at the Doubletree Hilton in Atlantic Beach (the former Sheraton). Coincidentally, it has its own pier, not that that fact played into my decision on what conference to attend. . The conference is hosted by the American Public Works Association, NC Chapter. Why would I not state my case with the boss, you wonder? Here's why....

Immediately upon leaving the meeting I called the President of the APWA, who, coincidentally, is a former employee of mine named Big Lew. "Lew, I need to speak at this year's conference". No problem boss, said Lew, I'll send you an official invite. The Big Kahuna thinks its wonderful to brag about our stellar program, so he changed his mind.This is why the wife and I will be spending next week at said hotel. I will speak for about 45 minutes, eat free all week and fish my brains out including a trip with my buddy NCPIERMAN in Hubert on Wednesday. Of course being a good boss myself I am sending my supervisor as well. Coincidentally he owns a 19 foot Carolina Skiff, not that it had any bearing on my promoting will meet Dennis and his skiff at Bay River, BTW.

Oh, I might add that upon leaving the conference I'm heading to a beach front condo at Carolina Beach for another 4 day fishfest. Actually had to pay for that one though.

The lesson? Life is a chess match. Think 3 moves ahead of every possible result and its a breeze.

Dr. H
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