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RALEIGH, N.C. (Sept. 11) – Tim Langer, a biologist known for his black bear research and currently teaching at N.C. State University, has joined the governing board of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission.

The 19-member board establishes policy and regulations governing hunting, fishing and boating activities in North Carolina. Members serve until reappointed or replaced. Appointments are made by the Governor, the Speaker of the State House and the President Pro-tem of the State Senate.

Langer was appointed to the post by Speaker of the House Joe Hackney. He was sworn in Aug. 29, with the oath of office administered by the Honorable Galen Braddy, District Court Judge for the 3A Judicial District.

“I’m honored to have been considered by the speaker,” Langer said. “It’s a credit to Mr. Hackney to break the mold, to appoint an academic and increase the diversity of this board.

“It was my past involvement with the Wildlife Resources Commission” – Langer worked with the Division of Wildlife Management on a 2003 study of candy blocks and subsequent effects on bear health – “that made me want to become more involved,” he said.

Langer holds a 1999 master's degree and a 2006 Ph.D. in wildlife sciences from N.C. State University. He and his wife Karma, of Raleigh, have a daughter, Autumn, 9 months old.
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