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Today my buddy and I loaded the yaks for an afternoon trip and it turned out to be a good one.

Both of us boated several slot drum, and we kept our limit for a fish fry later this week. The drum were hitting most of the stuff we threw at them: cut mullet, and topwaters worked best. The topwater bite has been much better lately. I think the cooler temps have the fish moving a lot more, and I've seen more surface action than I have in the past few weeks.

In between catching drum I saw something busting up some finger mullet so I got within casting distance to check it out. No sooner than I arrived, I saw a keeper sized flounder clear the water as he hit some passing finger mullet. Drum were busting in the same area.

I watched the flounder clear the water 1 more time, complete flip then back in the water as it attacked bait. So, since I've never caught a topwater flounder I threw a spook junior and he hit it immediately, flipping out of the water and flinging the lure to the side. He hit it 2 more times, saw his tail and white under belly, and the second time he got hooked up for just a minute before becoming unbuttoned.

This isn't the first time I've seen flounder attack bait on the surface but it was the most aggressive flounder I've encountered that made several attempts on my spook. Guess it's possible there were a couple there. I know a lot of you guys are topwater lovers, anybody ever boated a nice flounder that hit a surface bait?

Pics of lively fish going back in the drink are better, these pics aren't the best but we did keep these 2 for dinner.


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