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Drum injured by Net or Predator?

Took the kayak out this afternoon to a new spot where I've been seeing plenty of drum, but they won't take topwaters or jigs. Took the cast net and decided to net some bait at the launch spot to try to catch a fish for some freezer filets.

I netted some finger mullet, and shrimp and took off. I ended up cutting the mullet into halves and fishing the pieces on a carolina rig, and put the rig out as I casted lures at a creek mouth.

I'm not really a bait and wait fan unless I'm surf fishing, just prefer topwater, but thought it'd be fun to do something different. I started drifting a mullet half, the head portion, through a productive creek on an incoming tide. Before long the rod was bent in the rod holder, and this 22-inch fish came in. Caught a couple under slots in this way as well.

The fish had a distinct "dent" in one side of his head, right behind the boney part where the flesh begins. Fish fought hard, didn't appear sick or anything, but does this look like net damage or an old wound from an attack of some kind? I kept the fish, and cut around the area on the filet. Aside from looking kinda weird, I figured it wouldn't hurt me to eat lol.


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Possibly a net survivor, or porpoise refugee..
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