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Category: Freshwater Tournaments

Location: New Hill,

Sponsoring Organization or Charity: Duncan Poor Boys

Contact Name/Phone: Tj miller / 919 812 2904

Website link for more information:

Okay guys first tournament ever hosted by the club will be a large mouth tournament on Saturday May 21st at Sharron Harris lake Hwy 42 boat dock. Time is 545 for check-in cut off is 620. 630 is blast off or safe light. Return time 1400 (2pm). Rules and regulations are as followed.
1. At check-in anglers must have up to date Nc fishing license (will be checked), orange flag tape in visible display (flags will be provided), live wells checked and empty, and entry fee paid before launched. Anglers will draw numbers from a hat for blast off order.
2.Entry fee: $20 per boat or 10 per person (single anglers must pay full $20). Optional $10 for biggest fish (weight only)
3.Return time is set for 1400 (2pm) you must be within the no wake buies by this time. there will be a 5 min grace period after that its a pound off total weight up to 5 mins after that your disqualified from the tournament.
4. You can enter in as single angler or team.
5.ALL NC WILDLIFE RULES, LAWS, LIMITS, ETC WILL BE ENFORCED. This is sharron harris guys you have the slot limit, meaning all fish caught must be at or over 14", but cannot be between 16"-20". We have a golden rule that we will measure with if suspected of violating this.
6.Only a 5 fish limit may be weighed in for a single angler or a team. all fish must be alive and released (unless request are made to the tournament coordinator to harvest the fish) at the time of weigh in. Each dead fish weighed in the angler (or team) will has a 1/2lb deducted from total weight.
7. Payout for this event will be a 9-1 payout (90% of the money collected goes toward the prize money the other 10% goes toward the club for the cost of the tournament) Except for big fish only money collected for that is 100% pay back.
8. Artificial bait ONLY!
9. You may not share fish (will be explained at check-in)
10. All other rules will be provided at check-in and remember HAVE FUN!
call 919 812 2904 or by email at [email protected] to enter.

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