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Check out our story from our tournament trail Eastern NC Bass Challenge.
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Meet Brian Sessoms... Just after blast off Sunday morning, Brian came across 2 competing anglers who had been involved in a 1 boat incident. While the anglers involved in the incident were not injured, the situation was critical as the anglers were unable to move their boat as it had been projected into the shoreline.

Brian spent most of his tournament morning attempting to assist the anglers. He made several attempts to pull the boat back into water so the team could return to safety. With dropping water levels and high winds, the situation only worsened with time. As the water dropped, the boat was soon completely out of the water.

Brian made multiple trips looking for supplies and tools to help dislodge the boat from the shore and return it back into the water. After several unsuccessful attempts, Brian waited for emergency personnel to help the anglers. After many hours, emergency services were finally successful in helping return the boat into the water and no one was injured in the incident.

Brian went above and beyond to help his fellow anglers and we want to highlight his character and showcase him as an angler, a friend, and a good samaritan.

We want to reward Brian for his kindness, so he and his partner will fish our next tournament on Lake Gaston for free! The Bass Challenge thanks you Brian and we hope all boaters on the water can learn from you.
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