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Hit the beach yesterday afternoon for some r&r, decided to fish a little while we were out there. It was just something to keep me busy, I wasn't being serious about it. The water was dingy in close.

Finally caught the nice pompano I've been looking for this summer. The water cleared up a bit in the late afternoon just before I caught this one. Bait was a sand flea with a two hook bottom rig. That fish about knocked the rod from my hand when it hit the bait.

I've been hand tying my rigs this year with mono, and no snaps, metal, etc- just a red bead on each hook and a surgeons loop for the weight. I think the minimalist approach helps, I've caught more mullet this year than before. Also caught a couple of blues and a small sea mullet. A few Spanish came by late in the afternoon but by the time I grabbed my plugging rod they were gone.

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