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Hey guys,
my name is Katelyn and I love to fish and worked in Egigik AK in a salmon fishery. It was great. Since I have lived in Wilmington I have been out fishing a few times. I am from Seattle, WA and this is why I joined this site. I have a friend and he is moving here in about 2 months. He has spent most of his adult life in AK or New England on fishing/crabbing boats. He is 27 and I am doing some research about any available jobs before he gets here. I also worked for John Goodheart at South East Yacht Brokerage Services, so I have some others helping me but any help you can off would be GREAT! Thanks
Please email me at [email protected]!
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Welcome to the site Katelyn. I have a feeling your friend would find commercial fishing in NC to be a let down from fishing in colder waters. A lot more comfortable and safer but in terms of pace and pay the fishing down this way is slower and lower. Check with Sea Tow and see what they have to say. I think that might actually be a better fit for him. AL
Katelyn, Welcome aboard! Hope to hear some fishing stories from you soon.

As for commercial fishing, I'm afraid I have to agree with Al. Most of the commercial fisherman I know have to keep other "side jobs" to make ends meet, usually construction. Those that don't have to be very versatile in their catch to make living year round. This includes running gill nets for various different species depending on the time of the year, shrimping, clamming, scalloping, oystering, crabbing and I'm sure there's more. Anyway, it usually includes a substantial variety of equipment and a very detailed understanding of the local areas. Most of the outfits are one man crews unless the the "one man" has a strapping young son or daughter.

I'm sure there are jobs to be had, he'll just have to look hard and be willing to adapt. Another options may be all the charter outfits up and down the coast. Those guys often need good mates.

Anyway welcome aboard, keep us posted and tell your friend "good luck!"​
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