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Eno River White Bass Expedition

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Asked this last year but cannot find the thread.

If a couple of Greensboro fisherman headed to The Eno tomorrow for white bass.... where might we park? Clueless as to geography of the area.

As a side note... has the river calmed down and cleared enough since our weekly deluge? April showers ya know.
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For shoreline & wading, Penny's Bend Nature Preserve, at the corner of Old Oxford Rd and Snow Hill Rd in Durham. There's a gravel parking lot at the corner, and in years past folks parked up in the grass under the powerlines on the other side of Old Oxford.

For boats, the Eno River Boat Launch is part of Falls Lake State Park, located on Red Mill Rd.
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If we go... we are on foot. I got a feeling we might better bring our own rock to stand on! Thanks for the info. Maybe this year we will make it. maybe tomorrow!
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