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As a rule we post negative reviews about a place of business, it is rare to post a positive review.

This past weekend I found myself in a huge bind, my left bunk snapped in to two pieces while trailering my boat to the boat ramp. I could offload the boat, no way to trailer it.

I called several boat dealers, no one wanted to/could help. I reached out to a business that was referred to me a few months back, Pro Tech Marine.

When I explained my dilemma to Pro Tech the lady I was speaking with said," I'm not sure that we can help you, but I'll ask my husband when he returns if we maybe have a trailer you can use to load your boat, then you can at least have comfort in knowing she's ok. Then sometime next week we'll see what we can do to help repair your trailer"

Wow, no one else offered that, maybe this was a fluke?

Approx 30 minutes later Tom called from Pro Tech and asked how he could help. I explained my dilemma and he said " where is your trailer, I would like to go by and take a look at it" Tom took his time to drive out and 15 minutes later I received a phone asking me to come to the boat ramp and unlock the trailer from the hitch.

Tom picked up my trailer, took it to his shop, made a band aid fix (as he had no parts on hand), verified that it would hold and returned my trailer to the boat ramp, hooked it up to my truck, locked it. Total cost $100.00

I asked Tom to quote me a price for replacing both bunks and the brackets that secure the bunks to the frame. He provided me with a quote and said " If you decide to let me repair your trailer I will deduct the $100.00 you paid me for the band aid fix"

WOW is all I could say!

I called the dealer I normally use, their quote was roughly double of what Pro-Tech quoted me. What tickled me the most was Tom from Pro-Tech says , " I'll get everything in before you come back down. You go fishing, I'll come and get your trailer, make the repairs and have it ready for you when you return from fishing"

Again, wow! Today customer service no longer exists. There is always a way to NOT do something for the customer. Not with Pro-Tech, they are slammed busy with outboard repairs yet found the time to acquire a new customer with an act of kindness.

Two thumbs up!!!

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Thanks for posting this Rick - we all need to know and support those who still understand commitment to quality service and quality work!
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