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Had a great weekend on the water shooting another episode of Explore Inshore. James Holloway, Matt Houde and I headed out to the mouth of Neuse and its surrounding area to find some fishing action and man did we. We hooked up on Redfish, Flounder, Trout, Black Drum, Croaker and even one large Ray. There were slams for all anglers on board which made it a great day. The Redfish action is what really made our day. Measuring from 17 to 27 inches the action was non stop once we found them. We landed the Reds using a simple bottom rig. 1/8 oz egg weight sliding just above a small circle or kale hook baited with a piece cut mullet or cut menhaden was irresistible to them. We made sure at the beginning of our day to have live and cut bait ready if we needed to go that route. We did land fish on artificials such as Gulp shrimp on 1/8 oz jighead for the black drum, 1/8 oz bucktail for some of the flounder and PowerTeam Lures JP Hammer shad for the trout. Pro-Cure Inshore Saltwater and Mullet gel made the artificial baits tasty. We had all this connected to out medium light and medium rods powered by our 2000 to 3000 reels. The big key was let them eat it. Most of our fish hooked themselves as we fished the bottom. The circle hooks will do the job. Thanks for y'alls time and hope this helps in any way. Feel free to shot us some questions. Were always happy to talk some fishing


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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