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Decided to check out some Hatchery Supported water I hadn't been on in quite a while. It's right next to the highway and I was pleasantly surprised to find no one there. I picked up no fish, not even a follow, under the bridge where I parked...the obvious stock point. So I started working my way downstream. In the first small pool, I casually flipped out an egg and nymph combo, sorta halfheartedly expecting something, and the biggest fish of the season rose up to say hello....22-24" easily. Startling to say the least...and then he was gone...never saw him again. Over the next hundred yards or so, I picked up a few fish but nothing to get too excited about. On my way back up stream I tried that first pool again but never got another rise from the big one.

Then I checked out another Hatchery Supported stream but decided it was too shallow and too overgrown to be worth the effort. So, I flipped a coin between another HS stream or a relatively new DH water. The DH won. Naturally I had left the map printout in the store, but with my map on the phone and a DeLorme Atlas I manged to find where I wanted to fish. Looked ok so I waded in. Drifting a bugger next to a log, I picked up a fiesty brookie and thought it was going to be a good stretch. Unfortunately, over the next hundred yards I only hooked one more, but managed to spook a dozen small fish in the shallow water.

Then the water got really shallow and unattractive. Figuring it can only get better, I decided to work my way downstream. The water deepened in a bend in the stream and, even though it didn't look special, that slightly deeper water held a number of cooperative brooks, browns and rainbows. Most took the wooly bugger but a couple hit the egg.

The decision to keep going proved to be a good one. The next section was loaded with fish, hunkered down in deep runs and cuts between boulders and rock ledges...and most of the fish wanted that black wooly bugger. I had been trying to keep a count on fish caught during the day, but lost count in this stretch. The decision to go a few hundred yards further was a good one.

Next I drove to a more accessible section of this new water. It had several deep pools and runs through a sharp bend in the stream and they all held fish. While there, however, the crowd arrived in mid-afternoon. As I was leaving there were 5 anglers probing a hole and run under the bridge. Defintely time to move. The next couple of spots only produced a couple of looks, but no fish. Fewer fish? or perhaps the mood to feed had passed?

The HS stream had produced some fish and parts of the DH really produced some fish. Both streams are worthy of some more exploration, especially in those sections off the beaten path. It was a good way to spend a nice day, prospecting in some new water and finding some cooperative trout.
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