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I am planning an offshore trip tomorrow then I will know if they are still biting out there.

But until then, here's the scoop::::

The rains we have had can only improve the fishing situation. And with the influx of mullet minnows on the beach, Spanish Mackeral here as well as the Blue fish,the King Mackeral will have to be here in full force real soon.

And it may be sooner than later!!!! Today 9-21-07, I was on the pier and about two hours before dark, there were four King Mackeral hooked up.

Another boat caught 14 Kings at the Yaupon Reef and several more boats had King Mackeral there as well.

So, I would say, until the Pogys get back from their vacation up the river, get yourself some mullet and go catch some King Mackeral.

The fall fishing is starting to take shape.

There have been some spots caught in the surf and on the piers, and some have been the "yellow bellies". Try your bloodworms here, a good bait for spots.

The pompano, the small ones (Florida Pompano) have been biting in the surf and on the piers, shrimp is hard to beat, the fresher the better.

Blues are biting as well, they will hit just about anything from bait to lures!!

Spanish Mackeral are hit and miss, various spoons and jigs are the choice here.

The grey trout should be cranking up soon on the near shore reefs and while jigging for these you can most likely expect to hook up with some big red drum, so don't rig up too lite!!!

There are still flounder being caught, although this is slowing down a little from a slower year than usual already.

October should bring the bite back to the Gulfstream with the cooling waters of fall and winter inundating the area.

Wahoo's and Tuna's will most likely be in the area of the Black Jack to the Same Ol' soon!!

The biggest trouble with fall is trying to figure out what you would like to fish for!!!

Sometimes I sit at the mouth of the Cape Fear River where it empties into the ocean and will have to flip a coin to decide if I'm going offshore or staying inshore to fish that day, it's that time of year!!!!!!!!
Till next time, FISH ON!!! Capt Butch and "Admiral Bodie" the fish dog says, this is my time of year!!!! YEAH RIGHT SPORTFISHING CHARTERS


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