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I'm having to do some work this evening, so I found myself holding about 3 hours of free afternoon time, seeing 70 degrees and pleasant out the window, and sensing that nobody was guarding the exits! Loaded the kayak, picked up a dozen crappie minnows and headed to the Hwy 50 ramp.

I used to launch from that ramp all the time, but I don't think I've tried it yet with the kayaks. Don't know why not - its got a wide variety of structure, depth and contour within a very short paddle of the ramp. Still 1 ramp open. There were about a dozen boats crappie fishing in sight of the ramp, with the biggest concentration downstream after the bend where the channel gets skinny, but also several by the beaverdam flowage and the point right there. Slow to moderate crappie action on some of them. The closest boat to me caught at least a half dozen while I was nearby. He was a veteran - logo on the side of his boat said "2lb Man". He had many crappie rods out and was working his way up and down the channel in about 22 feet of water. They guy who pulled out just before me had a slow day of 4 fish.

Not much fish action in my boat - lots of action from fighting the wind to stay in the channel, messing with the anchor and still trying to move around enough to find the schools. Perfect trolling motor fishing, but pretty tough on the kayak. Plenty of fish on the graph, most between 15 and 20 feet deep in 22-24 feet of water. I had a few bounces of the rod and snatched minnows, but nothing to show for it. I had left the rods rigged carolina style for drifting bigger bait, which probably didn't help me any (not sure it hurt, but I think I prefer direct to a hook with a dropper weight or just a jighead for deep fishing. Still a great January day on the water.

I'm breaking in the Christmas waders & dry top. They seem fine, but it does get steamy in there especially in 70 degree weather. Better safe (even if a little sauna-y) than sorry!

Water was trickling over the Beaverdam spillway, almost all the way across. Tells me the Beaverdam is right at normal pool.
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