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Not much to report. Even with a couple feet less water to hide in, they stayed hid today. Just a lot of much needed exercise for me. Launched the kayak out of Upper Barton as usual, paddled out to the main channel, several loops around the mouth of Upper Barton creek. Mostly glassy water, with a little bit of breeze picking up from time to time. No shad schools moving on the surface. No surface feeding fish. Only a rare jumper or two.

There was a gentleman fishing the little point right behind the ramps. He had caught a few cats on the bottom while I was out.

Took 1 pic - the island at the mouth of Lower Barton creek is no longer an island. If you look real close, you can see the beached cruiser in the background. If it wasn't facing the wrong way they could probably drive a trailer down to it now and winch it out of there on wheels!

Might be time to change some tactics - seems like my summertime shad rap trick at UB is starting to get a little worn out. I can't imagine the fish went anywhere, but I'm thinking of a longer run next time, down toward the dam or upstream to the first big main channel turn. Or maybe switch to some slower, deeper live bait drifting.
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