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Falls Lake 1/19

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I fished yesterday untill 12:30 hoping to experience some snow but it just rained that cold rain. I spent most of the morning under the route 98 bridge, and along the west bank from the bridge to mile marker #4. Tried jigs but they were not haveing any of least the colors I offered.. Ended up catching 2 small munchkin size Crappie on a solid chartruce.

I started out with 3 poles rigged for just minnows and those were the ones catching fish so I ended up takeing all my jigs off and fishing the rest of the morning with just minnows.

Under the bridge all the crappie were caught on the west side between the west pileing and shore about 12 feet deep. I tried in the middle and east side but did not get a bite over there. Along the west bank in front of all the laydowns, I caught them 10 feet deep.

About 11 or so I had enough for dinner so I broke the cardinal rule and left them biting and took the boat out of the water and went over to the 50 launch area so see what was going on over there. I ended up picking a few more fish up infront of the rock banks before I called it quits for the day.

Here's a picture of the the 10 fish I took home. Size ranged from 10" to 13"


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Nice catch! Thanks for the report.
That'll eat!
Nice catch. Glad to see Falls still has something biting. Just curious, are you also redboat from
Just curious, are you also redboat from
One in the same:). I tied to use the same user name here but it was taken...
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Nice catch! Thanks for the report.
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