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Falls Lake 3/12

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Dad and I took the Triumph over to Falls around 8:30 this morning and fished until about 2:30. Our luck to end up in the middle of a bass tournament, supplemented by wakeboarders and general pleasure boaters.

Contrary to my previous experience, we actually caught some fish. No keepers, but they were all fat and healthty. One bass on a crank bait for me along the shore, one for my dad on a jig/minnow combination, and one decided to eat a minnow that I was drifting along the bottom.

Size ranged from 12" to 14". Depth ranged from 2' (max) to 40'.

Other than the high winds and constant boat wakes, it was nice to be out in the beautiful weather.

All fish caught above the 98 bridge, within 2 miles of the bridge.

Also got a couple hours in yesterday afternoon shore fishing the ramp area a Wake reservoir. Caught one crappie and one nice bluegill. Put both back. Lots of jon boats, canoes, kayaks, etc on there yesterday.
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