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Nothing super to report. Found a nice downed tree in one of the coves and pulled a half dozen keeper crappie out and some smaller ones, plus bluegill, white perch, and small cat.

Most on small minoows, two on jigs, and the cat took some crappie nibbles. Sun came out and fishing died off. Tried more spots until around 2:30, had one small bass get off in downed branches. Nice day out. Upper Bartons ramp a madhouse when we came back in, seems like everyone was trying to either get on or get off the water, including at least one boat that would not start and tied up the ramp until the owner finally gave up ang pulled it.

Looks like back to Kerr until the ski/wakebaord season is over, at least they have lots of ramps and parking, plus more water to play on and less people.
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