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Lazy day and just shore fished today.

Started out at Upper Bartons and fished the shoreline over past the first point into the first real cove. Fishing ultralight inline spinners. Only managed two baby bass in about 2 hours. Smallest about 4", largest about 6".

Decided to hit Wake Reservoir on the way home. Same tackle and baits. Hit four more bass there ranging from 4" to maybe 10", all along the shore.

Falls Lake still falling rapidly, looks like the rangers marked the end of the ramps with yellow paint on the top of the appropriate pier. People still using them, but loading and unloading looks to be a chore with little pier space.

Wake Reservoir still up a bit from the rain, but a major algal bloom is taking place near the dam, water solid bright green. A little clearer a hundred feet or so upstream.
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