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Decided to take the Gheenoe out to Falls lake on Monday with my cousin and my oldest son. I had wanted to put in at Beaver Dam, but when we got there the gate wasn't yet open. But that was ok, another gentleman there waiting for the gate to open told us that it was electric only. So change of plans... went to Eno river and put in there, I had all my crappie gear with me so figured we might get on the Flat river and hunt a slab or two. But the water was sooo muddy, not to mention a foot or two high. Anyway we gave it a shot for a while and the only thing caught was a Roanoke Bass.
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We decided to head out to Falls leak and try for some catfish. Got to the railroad and found what looked like to a likely spot for some channel cats. So we put on bottom rigs and baited our 4/0 circle hooks with shrimp, and started drifting the channel. The wind blew us off the channel, witch was around 20 ft, onto a ledge that was only about 5 ft. Then BAM... Water Vertebrate Outdoor recreation Fish Fisherman

was only a small guy but now we knew that the like the bait and there would possibly be more! So we anchored over the channel and began fishing that ledge. picked up a few more of the small ones and started to wonder were there any "bigger" ones there...thane picked up a eating size channel.
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We kept getting bites, man we had stumbled into a good place. Then my son Ian set the hook, and started hollerin' "i got a big one" so we pulled in our lines and got the net out. He wound him straight up to the boat, the fish didn't like that you see, and he took off straight back to the bottom. Told Ian to calm down a little and let the fish tire himself out. Once the fish was ready I netted him and we put him in the boat! it was a nice blue
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So all in all it was a day well spent on the water, the boy got the big fish of the day, and we had enough in the cooler for dinner!
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Sounds like a fun day, thanks for the report. I like your creek boat!
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