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Falls Lake Report anyone?

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Looks like I may actually have a chance to go fishing tomorrow and I was wondering what the water looks like up at Falls Lake. Anybody been up there lately? Mainly just need the water clarity and water temperature. Thanks. Joe
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Looks like water temp near the dam is just under 49 degrees. Not sure about water clarity though. You can go to for current temps at the pumping station near the dam. I'm going to do some bass fishing on Sunday. Hopefully, I'll be able to find a few fish and will post a report. Hope you find them tomorrow and let us know how it goes.

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Thanks for the info. If I do make it there tomorrow I'll let you know how we do. Hoping to find a good bite before the tournament next weekend. Nothing major, it's just a small club tourney...... I need to feel a tug soon or I'm gonna lose it!! LOL
I hear that. Only had 3 bites in my tournament last weekend. I'll let you know if I figure out any kind of pattern on Sunday.
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I spent six hours on a boat with another angler and we managed a BIG FAT 0 in bites. I did snag about 6 shad however. Water was 48 in warmest spot we found clarity as about as good as falls gets. Tried for crappie last night managed 1!!!!!
It should be about ready to bust loose. I love Falls in March.
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Hopefully this warm weather will continue and get the water temps up. Last year I had really good results on one my custom wake baits but it was much warmer. Tournament is on the 29th so a lot can change from now to then as far as the water temp goes. 55+- would be good with me, got a lot of new crankbaits to try out. ;) Thanks for the info guys.
Mouth Jaw Finger Nail Sports gear

One of my newest creations. These are headed to Alabama but I kept one for myself ;) Strike King 8.0 Square Bill in Raging Redman. I think these will be awesome at a place like Falls with the abundance of better than average size bass in there.
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Especially along all the rip rap rocky areas. Anyhting craw should do well if the temp comes up a bit.
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