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Father Kid Tournament (PLEASE READ)

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wanna tell everybody about a little tournament that I was a part of last year. Squidnation Bill put on a Father/kid tournament here in Morehead that I was chartered for last year. He had 5 boats chartered last year and it turned out to be a great event. He was able to get lots of great door prizes and nice art pieces for awards. The fishing and the weather cooporated and everyone caught lots of fish. They put 3 groups of father and kid on each boat and rotate boats so no one fishes on the same boat or with the same people either day. It was a really nice concept.

I'm not really soliciting here since I know I am already chartered for the event but I thought some of you guys may want to hop on this. It really is a nice way of getting the offshore season kicked off. You can contact bill at [email protected] if you are interested. He plans on having at least 5 boats chartered again this year.
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HEY DAVE B..!!! Can I borrow a kid?? I know you got plenty of em and they already know how to fish!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!! j/k :)
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You're breakin' me up here!
Thanks for the info Shane. It sounds like a great event for dads and their kids!
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