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My son Wesley, known here as jedi-bassmaster, and his family came in from KS this past weekend to sepnd Father's Day here in NC and we have been having a great time!

He just returned from Afghanistan about 3 weeks ago so this was more than just a Father's Day was a welcom home celebration as well!

They are leaving tonight to head back to his home base of Ft Riley, KS but we have ahd a great time doing all kinds of things...soem of which was fishing. of course!

Saturday, we headed to Lake Norman State Park for the afternoon/evening. We had some fine dining that included KFC with all the fixins and then we headed out in the boat.

With the water temps in the main lake around 80, I headed into the river to find 73 degree water and some active bass. Super flukes, jerk baits and a spinner bait put some fish in the boat for Wesley, his wife Suzie and me.
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Sunday, with the very appreciated generosity of dbeam (Darrell), we took on Lake Hickory. I haven't fished Hickory before and I wanted to get on it to scout for a tournament this coming Saturday with Kelli.

After a couple hours of testing the waters with only a couple hits, Wesley and I broke for lunch. Afterward, adding Suzie and one of their sons, Carter, we went up river to try the cooler water. It doesn't take too long for a 5 year old to get bored while bass fishing so I turned it into a white perch kind of day. We went way up river and with some inline spinners, we started catching white and yellow perch and had a blast! Carter got into the action a bit and the day for that 5 year old was saved!

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No bass...but lots of fun!

Thanks, Darrell!
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