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Favorite Catfish Bait?

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What are your favorite catfish baits? I like lots but i use chicken livers with dough and vanilla flavoring. Just thought i'd get a good response from this one!
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I used to make a dough from Hamburger, Parmesean Cheese, and Cornstarch. The Cornstarch holds it all together. I caught alot of Catfish from the Ohio River on it when I was a kid. Now, I prefer the dip bait system that comes with it's own rigs. The stuff smells so bad that you want to be sure not to get any on you.
nope brim,white perch shad frozen or alive.. i fish them all on jugs at times -depending on lake- chicken liver is messy-i have enough problems keeping my boat clean-the dough ball will attract more carp than cat fish.

Dr-Octagon said:
A chunk of the cheapest hot dog u can find. :)
Works for me.
Just wondering

I saw at the Berkely webpage a Chicken liver made with Gulp! anyone ever try it?
Chicken livers are what I used to use but they would get mushy and become a real PITA.Started using chicken gizzards and have had great luck with them.Theystay on the hook even after some really strong casts.
Depending what size I'm fishing for. I use Catfish Charlie blood dip bait in the aerly spring on a dipping worm for eating size 2-6 pounders. For bigger ones I use small panfish or shad slabs.
Gulp nightcrawlers in red wrigger color.
Real nightcrawlers worked for me the other day -- I found a hole full of small cats where the Haw River empties into Jordan... every worm I dragged across that hole hooked a cat...

(Welcome change from sticks...)
Live Bluegill about 3" long... nothing beats them.. cept maybe river shiners :)

I like shrimp a day or so old,peel it, salt it,let it sit. This will toughen it up.Itwill keep it's smell makes it harder to get off the hook stop soft robbin the hooks.I also like beef liver you can perpare it the same way, and it won't bleech as bad.Live bream works good too,if you want to catch the big ones.As far as,tackle it depends what tine of the day i'am fishing ;at night I like to bottom rig with a large bobber sometimes a ballon and clothes pin;day time just al alarge bobber.
Hey everybody.Ilike to use salted shrimp a day or so old.I have found that it works just about anywhere;fresh or salt water.Rye is in the right bost 3"bream works really well(for really big ones).Tackle is important too,I found that a#10 snap swivel and a 3 ought hook works very well.You can use a barrel swivel as well. When I set hooks though I use trot line cut it into 2 1/2- 3' long ,tie a#10 snap swivel and a 3 ought hook.Jugging mostly the same way.Idon't use any weight on either this lets the bait be more seductive to the fish.
See Ya.
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Good info catbuster. Appreciated.
Maybe some of ya'll can post pics on how you do the rigs for those who are new to the sport. I know when I first started if someone described what ya'll are I'da been confused.
Minnows dead or alive (any size, preferably larger ones)

and night crawlers (usually double up with two worms an a hook and pinch off and end to put sent in the water)

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Had good luck this weekend with live nightcrawlers out at lake wheeler. Fishing them on the bottom with a standard carolina rig and 2/0 circle hook. only had one cat rod out and caught a flat head about every 20 min.
Anyone use the Canadian Night Crawlers you can buy at Wally world before? I used some this saturday and had no success at all. Maybe I just should've used a different rig. I meant to try one that was suggested to me and forgot how to do it.:eek: Hope to use it next time.
That is what I was using , hooked once throught the "head" with a 2/0 circle hook, short leader and one oz egg sinker above that, every cast brought up a cat.
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