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Hello to everyone! To all you tiers out there I have several turkey feathers and a few deer tails. If anyone is interested send me a pm and let me know.:cool:
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I've got plenty till next season but you really ought to try your hand at tying bucktail jigs and dressing a few trebles for your spoons , spinners and topwater plugs too. White is by far the most used color and the only color you need to get started. If you haven't dried them you can leave them in the freezer until you need them or you can take advantage of the weather and dry them. just thaw spead some borax or non iodized salt and rub that into the flesh and stretch out on a piece of plywood w/ finish nails or brads. drill a couple of to hang it with and hang on the sunny side of an outbuilding just below the eave.
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I wonder all these jigs that you guys make , will it be effective to use in singapore?
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