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Went down to the White Oak Saturday for 1.5 days of fishing. Not a great trip but since I know there are a few on here that visit the WO I thought I'd share.

Saturday I went behind Hammocks Beach. Did not do much and did not see anybody else catching much either but I got a late start. Managed one 16 inch drum on a gulp shrimp, so at least I was not skunked.

Then messed around in the ICW including getting boarded by the Coast Guard; nice to get that out of the way for the season (hopefully). Caught a few bluefish by the 24 bridge before calling it a day. Beautiful weather but slow fishing. But that is probably just me.

Sunday I got off to another late-ish start but it was due to low tides (see tide thread). Went to the White Oak oyster rocks. Fish were busting bait and I was offering topwater but nothing doing. Tide was moving out so I needed to move (I am without trolling motor so I have to anchor). Went to a different spot along the rocks and after getting the tail bit off my 4th gulp I switched to a more durable soft plastic shrimp with some ProCure. Soon got a hit which I thought was a blue but to my surprise ended up being a small trout.

So I switched to a MR17 and caught another trout a little larger but not legal. Hooked up and lost a few more before calling it a day. I have heard that specks can be caught all year there but had not experienced it. I think I know more where to go/what to look for now and I'll give that another shot this summer.

I'm pretty sure while I was parked near the oyster rocks a sea turtle surfaced and re-submerged. That is a first for me on the WO.

So while I did not exactly fill up the cooler it was a good few days and I think I moved along the learning curve.


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