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Well it seems like it has been 6 months since we had the chance to go
fishing but it was more like a 2 weeks. Boy all I can say March has
definitely been March all month it seems like the wind just will not let up
a bit. Ok here is the report very snotty seas Saturday morning then it just
got plain rough. We started offshore of the Rise & stayed in the general
area most of the day. I tried working my way down the beach first thing but
it was so rough it was uncomfortable for a long period of time.I had my
first strike about 9:00 on the Planer & it was a miss but we managed another
pretty quick on the WAY back Bridge Pole & it came tight with a 70-75 pound
Wahoo well I thought to myself this aint so bad things are starting to look
up. Well about an hour goes by & nothing then wham left flat & left short
goes ballistic we managed 1 out of a pair of Yellowfins about 25-30 pounds
well things are looking up again so I started circling & out of the corner
of my eye I say a flash & WHAM left flat goes screaming again yes another
solid 40 pound Wahoo well this is just getting better & better I thought.
The flat bite with the Wahoo was probably my best all time favorite bite
when he came in & bit he ran straight to the boat & I thought he was going
to swim underneath it but he came to the stern of the boat & bolted away
from it & swam IN FRONT of the Squid Chain I was pulling from the rigger he
finally tripped the release clip off of the back of the boat & then it was
on again.Then the whole time I was hollering to Ryan he was on the flat but
no one could figure it out because he was coming to the boat & the clip had
never popped. Well I started circling again & out skied another nice Wahoo
on the right long rigger he jumped no less than eight feet in the air &
never came tight Ryan dropped back to him & I started to see the line peel
off the reel & then it stopped as quick as it started & that was pretty much
the end of the day. We had a good group of guys on the boat but Saturday was
there only day they could all get together so we made a go of it but we
ended up throwing in the towel just after lunch & decided to come home a few
of the guys claimed to have gotten hold of some bad chicken wings & was not
feeling to great. But maybe things are starting to improve again. If the
weather holds it looks like we are going to be busy so maybe the reports
will keep getting better.

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Glad your getting some hook ups in this kinda weather!!! The season is just firing up!
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